Avon Ultra Luxury Liners

I’ve been using Avon eyeliners since I was a teenager. My first love was the Glimmerstick; with a quick twist you can easily highlight your eyes with a smooth rich color. Then came Always On Point; I love how it has a built-in sharpener to give you a perfect tip every time you use it. Well now I have something new to try! Introducing Avon Ultra Luxury Liners!

Avon Ultra Luxury Liner

Luxury Liners For Your Eyes, Lips, and Brows

Avon Ultra Luxury Liners are available in 15 shades for your eyes, lips, and brows. I chose the eyeliner in Dark Brown and Eggplant. Boy am I glad I did! I picked Dark Brown because I typically wear brown eyeliner and I want to see how it compares to the others that I use. Eggplant was my second choice because I LOVE purple! I have hazel eyes and this color really pulls the green glow from my eyes.

I am very impressed with how creamy and smooth this liner is! The color is rich and the pencil glides easily without pulling. You can apply as much or as little as you like; the liner is easy to control. I’ve worn both Dark Brown and Eggplant to work (10-hour days!) and the color stays sharp all day. Check out the colors below:

Avon Ultra Luxury Liner
Top Color: Eggplant — Bottom Color: Dark Brown

If you love a precise sharp line, trust your Ultra Luxury Liner with Avon’s brand new Pencil Sharpener (available here). Keep your liner in tip-top shape!

Avon Ultra Luxury Liners give your lips, eyes, and brows a rich highlight with an easy application. Plus you get a look that lasts all day. I’m excited to add these Luxury Liners to my personal collection. Click here to pick your colors! Comment below with your favorites!


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