Avon Lip Tattoo

If you are looking for long-lasting gorgeous color, you are in the right place!! I’m excited to introduce Avon 2-in-1 Lip Tattoo: a double-tipped pen that gives you a lip stain that is easy to apply and lasts all day. This must-have product is available here!!

Avon Lip Tattoo

Before we talk about shades, let’s chat about what makes this product so great. First of all, you get all-day wear. In my experience, the color lasts 6+ hours without a touch-up. I sip on coffee in the morning and snack throughout the day, and I was thrilled to see the color still on my lips. Of course, the color shows some fading hours later, but I didn’t feel the need to reapply. How awesome is that?!

Avon Lip Tattoo is a semi-permanent lip stain, so you have to move quick when you apply it. If I make a mistake or the color is too strong for me, then I use Avon’s makeup wipes to remove it. Easy peasy. This lip stain is completely weightless; it feels like your lips are naked. And, you don’t have to worry about it drying out your lips; it is alcohol-free and hydrates your lips with sunflower seed oil. Did I mention that it is vegan and free of phthalates, sulfate, paraben, AND gluten?!? Yes please!!

What Shades Are Available?

Now let’s chat about COLOR! Avon Lip Tattoo is available in 6 shades: Misunderstood Merlot, Renegade Ruby, Pinup Plum, Rebel Raspberry, Inked Rose, and Gnarly Nude. If you love a rich dark color, then Misunderstood Merlot is for you. If you like lighter shades, then I suggest Inked Rose and Gnarly Nude. I picked Rebel Raspberry and Inked Rose; Rebel Raspberry is just like its name: a vibrant dark pinkish red. Inked Rose is a medium pink that is just my style.

Avon Lip Tattoo
Rebel Raspberry (top) and Inked Rose (bottom)
Avon Lip Tattoo
Avon Lip Tattoo in Inked Rose

How Do You Apply It?

There are many ways to apply this lip stain, but one thing is for sure: your lips must be dry in order for the color to last. Do not apply lip balm or foundation before the lip stain. Dry lips are best!

Grab the Lip Tattoo of your choice. Then, it’s up to you which end you start with. On one end, there is a precise tip that is great for outlining. On the other end, there is a felt tip that will fill your lips. Some people like to outline their lips first, then fill them in. Others like to fill them in and then outline them. It’s completely up to you! I prefer gradually filling them in and then outlining them afterward. Check out the Lip Tattoo tips:

Avon Lip Tattoo
Avon Lip Tattoo Ultra-Fine Tip
Avon Lip Tattoo
Avon Lip Tattoo Felt Tip

How long with this lip stain last? Well, that depends on a few factors. First of all, you have to start with dry lips. If you sip all day, lick your lips, or rub them together often, the stain may fade a bit faster than you’d like. Here is a picture of me wearing Rebel Raspberry. As you can see, the color is still vivid 6 hours later.

Lip Tattoo in Rebel Raspberry

Feel free to comment with your favorite color! Check them out here!


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