Avon Kids Shapeable Soap

The Avon Kids Bath Line is a hit in my household! There are so many great products that help my kids get clean while having fun! Plus as a mom, I’m really excited that these products are toxin-free and hypoallergenic. There is a brand new addition to this awesome collection — introducing Avon Kids Shapeable Soap! Available here!

Avon Kids Shapeable Soap
Avon Kids Shapeable Soap

This soap is a fun way to spend more time in the tub and really get clean. Just give it a good shake and out comes a moldable cleansing foam! Yep that’s right; your kids will be having fun AND getting clean at the same time. This shapeable soap comes in a Sweet Peach scent which is pleasant and light.

Avon Kids Shapeable Soap
This is just a tiny squirt to show you the foam. It expands to be large and shapeable!

My kids really enjoy this foam and I love that they bathe longer. This soap is a great addition to an already wonderful product line. The entire collection is paraben-free and contains no harsh soaps. If you are looking for new bath products for your kids, check out Avon Kids!


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