Avon Bunny Light-Up Shelf Sitters

Although it doesn’t feel like it here in Michigan, Spring will be coming soon.  That means we get to enjoy beautiful flowers, singing birds, and sunshine.  I can’t wait! We also get to celebrate Easter and everything that comes along with it: bunnies, eggs, candy, and more! Well Avon loves to celebrate these special times and this year they introduce a fun collection of décor and gift ideas.  Let me share with you one of my favorites: Avon Bunny Light-Up Shelf Sitter!

Avon Bunny Light-Up Shelf Sitter

I absolutely love decorating for holidays, especially when I get to dress up my mantel.  When I saw these adorable 15″ tall bunnies, I knew right away that I had to have them.  The material is soft and the bunnies are dressed in cute outfits that are perfect for Spring.  Not only are they adorable, but they are also great shelf-sitters.  Their bodies are weighted, so you can easily set them up and let their feet hang.  Also, their cute floppy ears can be adjusted thanks to small wires inside of them.  So cute and festive! 

There are two options available that are sold separately.  There is a female bunny that is dressed in a cute pink patterned dress with a green checkered collar.  She has a basket of eggs near her arm and if you look closely, you’ll see a switch to light them up.  How fun! Both bunnies come with a button cell battery to add a lighting effect.  The male bunny is dressed in green trousers and has a cute carrot near his arm.  Just like the basket with the female bunny, the carrot lights up with the flip of a switch. Avon Bunny Light-Up Shelf Sitters are a great addition to your Spring décor.

Avon Bunny Light-Up Shelf Sitter
Female Bunny
Avon Bunny Light-Up Shelf Sitter
Male Bunny

Bunny Slippers

I know this article is about the bunnies, but I couldn’t resist sharing these adorable slippers.  Check out their cute faces and floppy ears! I bought them for my daughter and she instantly fell in love with them.  Feel free to check out Avon’s 2019 Easter Collection here!

Avon Bunny Slippers
Avon Bunny Slippers


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